Day 13, Thaw di Gras Carnival in Dawson.

We wake up, take a look out the Downtown Hotel, a view comparable to a Western movie set. We kick off the Thaw di Gras celebrations for a dog show at Diamond Tooth Gertie's Gambling Hall, the oldest casino in Canada. We place the couch on the backdrop of the show, and as contestants with their rightful owners walk out, take a seat on the couch for testimonies or to snap a picture. Next we slid the couch down to the Yukon river, to talk to the dog sled competitors, on a -30 day. Some frozen fish are layed down as part of the prizes, before the dogs have a go at them. We stop by the pit, set up the couch behind the street hockey game and sit down a few participants of the Thaw di Gras celebrations. We pull the couch to Peggy's where we checked out the cat show, which was followed up by a comedic theatrical performance from the judges. A few people come out to pose for pictures in front of Peggy's on the couch, we collect a couple of testimonies and go back to Gertie's for Air North's paper plane competition. We all have a go but clearly our we weren't meant to be engineers, since none of our planes made it even close to the target. A few trivia questions from the Air North crew, then off across the street to the school where we check out a fur fashion show. Mitts, pants, hats, all made by local trappers in the Yukon territory, beautiful stuff from the comfort of our couch. A few snaps, then we haul the couch outside and park it back safely in the lobby of the Downtown Hotel.