ELPIO Production presents Canada 150 Red Couch Tour

The Red Couch Tour is a Canada 150 Fund Signature Initiative led by ELPIO Production.

The Tour is a cross-country road show that in 2017 will invite Canadians, wherever they live, to sit down on our red couch and, with cameras rolling, and say what Canada means to them.  Guests will include the famous and not-so-famous, and will number in the hundreds.

We start rolling in March 2017, with a trip through the Canadian North, and continue in July and August with an eight-week national tour from Newfoundland to British Columbia in an RV.  The general public will be able to track our progress live online.

The result – a video of the Red Couch Tour testimonies – will be posted on YouTube and promoted on social media. Our website will also host a digital mosaic of photographs taken during the tour, showcasing people we met on the journey, a portrait of contemporary Canada.

The Red Couch Tour is one of 38 signature projects selected by the Federal Government of Canada, out of 387 expressions of interest, to create opportunities for Canadians to participate in celebrations that will help build a sense of pride and attachment to Canada on its 150th anniversary.