Day 12, Yukon Transportation Museum then a flight to Dawson City.

We start off our day at the Yukon Transportation Museum. Filled with many artefacts dating back from the Gold Rush era, it's filled with countless objects and spaces that make you travel back in time. The Executive Director of the Museum, Janna Swales, kindly gathers different members of the Whitehorse community, including members of the Yukon Heritage Resources Board. A few snaps, and off we go. Testimony after testimony, everybody shares different stories, ranging from the ongoing repercussions of victims of residential schools all the way to a man accidentally cross country skiing under a moose. Powerful across the spectrum, even happy 150th birthday wishes to Canada in Morse code. Last but not least, Janna fearlessly steps outside in the cold weather with her dog Howard Benjamin, who sits next to her on the couch, and shares her story with the Alaskan Highway in the background along with a Canadian Pacific DC-3. We wrap up our productive morning and get ready for a flight to Dawson City, aboard a Hawker Siddeley 748. Another step back in time, on what feels like something out of an Indiana Jones adventure. We land safely in Dawson, the couch aboard the aircraft in one piece, and get a helping hand from Paul who picks up the couch in his truck. We drive in to Dawson, and immediately feel the historic western type vibe of the town. We check in at the Downtown Hotel and get ready with the couch, which has been adapted with a pair of skis. We get ready to participate in the Thaw Di Gras festivities, an annual spring festival!