Day 9, From Yellowknife to Whitehorse.

We clean our place up neatly, pack our things and off to the Yellowknife airport. We drop the couch first at the cargo terminal before going back to get the rest of the team. We get onboard a snug 737, and are instantly greeted by Air North's hospitality. A little under 2 hours later we land smoothly in Whitehorse, Yukon. We get our luggage and drop it off at our place. Of course we can't forget our fifth passenger as we like to joke about, known as the couch, and pick it up at Air North cargo hangar. Again, Peter and I put the couch together, something we seem to get the hang off by now. Again, the Air North crew on the grounds greets us warmly, gives us some nice hats, and of course have seat on the couch!