Day 8, Interviews at the Visitor's Centre and City Hall.

We start off our day by setting camp at the visitor's centre. A friendly local pilot, Gary, sits down for the first testimony of the day to break the ice. He mentions that if he were to land from space as an alien, Canada would be his place of choice. Following Gary, Sharon is next, a four time cross-country ski olympian as well as a Canada 150 ambassador. The kind personalities keep on coming in, with Younes who walks through the door: a Canadian who's half Belarusian and half Moroccan. He talks to us about his identity and what brought him all the way up to Yellowknife. The skies clear up and we decide to place the couch in the middle of a side road next to the visitor's centre. After that, MLA Kieron Testart has a seat and shares his testimony, followed by Brazilian-Canadian Laila Silva who uses the couch's platform in order to advocate women's rights. Believe it or not, journalist and author Tom Babin bikes in and shares his testimony about his passion for biking in the North. After a series of solid interviews, our next stop: Yellowknife city hall. We are greeted by mayor Mark Heyck's hospitality. Following his testimony, we talk and share some laughs, then we wrap up the show for the day and get ready for our following stop the next day: Whitehorse, Yukon.