Day #2 Fredericton

Fredericton welcomes us with a quiet, beautiful morning. We set up our interviews location in the Officers' Square, right downtown. The Dream Team is ready for action: Peter, Daniel and Christian. They drag the couch on a dolly for 600 m through the downtown and place it behind the Canada150th backdrop. Looks great.

The square is empty, there is only one family with two teenage children sitting under the tree. They came from Sussex, New Brunswick to sit on the couch. “We have followed you since March and came especially to Fredericton to sit on the couch” says the mother. WOW, it made our day.

The interviews go very smoothly. We have the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, passers-by and we finished off with Kyle, a fashion designer who rushed to meet when he had heard on the radio that there was the red couch in town.

Today’s dress code is a red T-shirt with a big Canadian maple leaf in front, made by ROOTS Canada who sponsored the shirts. The blue color of my nails does not fit with the color of the T-shirt, I have to change it for red and white.

Lunch time, I cross the street to have a bite at Abbey’s café. ”Where can I do my nails?”, I asked a woman who just passed my table. She helps me out to find a nail spa and invites me to join her at her table. We start to chat, Lori was very enthusiastic hearing about the project. From Abbeys’ Café we proceed to the couch. Lori delivers her powerful testimony about Canada. She married a woman and she can live here with her with no fear. She loves Canada.

I have not done my nails, but I feel have a new friend in town.

Late afternoon, the festive atmosphere continues at the Officers’ Square, but we have to leave. I shall be back one day. Sweet Fredricton with the taste of apple cider disappears in the rear window of our RV.