Day 15, Commissioner of Yukon, Speaker of the House and the 98 Hotel.

On our last day of the tour, we pay a visit to Hon. Doug Phillips, the Commissioner of Yukon. He shows us his office, a historic residence known as the Taylor house. We place the couch outside on a sunny spring day, where he shares his story on what it means to be a citizen of the Canadian North. We wrap up and next up: Speaker of the House Nils Clarke. Both are a success and we move on to the 98 Hotel, where we meet Yukon photographer and miner Mark Prins. We place the couch in front of the 98, where Mark shares his Klondike story with Canadians. A one of a kind, adventurer who Jim Robb would consider as the "colourful five percenters". We conclude our day early and start review all of our precious footage. What a trip it's been, all the people, places, food, feelings and blessings of this good earth that came our way. We cannot wait to return!