Day 14, From Dawson City back to Whitehorse.

We start our day by having breakfast with Scott, who's from Keno, Yukon. He tells us that it's the where the road ends, and where the beyond begins. Current population: 15. One bar and that's about it, and whole lot of open spaces. He set the couch in front of the Downtown Hotel, where Scott shares his story. Goodbye for now and we slide the couch up in front of Dawson Mayor's Wayne Potoroka house. He shares his passion for poetry, specifically Dawson resident notable Robert Service. Just as we finish up the interview, Yukon Premier Sandy Silver rolls up in his truck and exchanges a few laughs with Wayne before sharing his idea of what it means to be a Canadian living in the Klondike. A few handshakes later, Sandy points us to Bill Kendrick humble abode. A quick break inside where we warm up and then we are able to fit the couch in the back of his truck. One of us goes with Bill, the others walk, and we all meet on the bank of the Yukon river, with a few scattered paddle steamers frozen over. We set the couch with the majestic mountainous background, where Bill shares his poetic Canadian open source canoe theory. Bill is kind enough to drive Peter as well as the couch to the tiny Dawson City airport, on a day he considered as part of his "shuttle duties". Yet another colourful character that composes the tightly knit community of Dawson. We pick up our ribbons, some of us 2nd, others last, but all in the good spirit of the Thaw di Gras carnival. What an incredible place filled with the greatest walks of life that you'd only expect to encounter in your wildest cartoonish dreams. A bittersweet farewell, but a certain return already planned. We land safely in Whitehorse, and call it a night.