Day 11, Planes and Coffee.

Air North kindly invites us to set the couch in one of their hangars at the Erik Nielson Whitehorse airport. Two of their ATR 42's receive their finishing touches before entering service very shortly. We have one of the planes set in place, Peter and I put the couch in front of it and we're off! Founder and CEO Joe Sparling along with Executive Director Debra Ryan pay us a visit and share their testimony on what it means to be Canadian in the context of running a company that supports Yukon citizens and continues to play a vital role in uniting communities throughout the territory. Ben makes a few calls and gets a group gathered and on the behalf of Air North all wish Canada a happy 150th birthday! A one of a kind experience, one for the books! We wrap it up, and move to our next destination: Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters. Andrew shares his perspective on his Whitehorse identity, and how it fits into the larger Canadian mosaic. We also get a John to share his point of view, after a few lattes and cappuccinos for the team, we're energized and call it a day.