Day 10, CBC Yukon, Artist Jim Robb and the Yukon Arts Centre.

We start off by stopping by the CBC for an interview on Dave White's show. Ela and Peter deliver some of the details regarding the project, specifically concerning the couch's symbolic meaning being the centrepiece of the living room and a catalyst to share Canadians' stories, all in a comfortable manner. Following a successful interview, we move on to meet Whitehorse renowned artist and photographer Jim Robb. He tells us about his passion to record and document, such as characters he regards as "the five percenters" as well as old log cabins that used to exist along the road to Dawson used extensively during the Klondike gold rush era. He then brings us to a building known as the "log cabin skyscraper", where one of the residents, photographer Vince Federoff happens to come out and of course Jim is acquainted with, both share their testimonies on what it means to be Canadian, but specifically from the Yukon. The production wraps up, but before heading to our next location, Jim brings us outside his house to show us one of his photographs that he had taken of a labourer who worked on the Alaskan highway. A heartfelt document that hits all the checkmarks: a strong black and white shot. We exchange numbers and off to the Yukon Arts Centre where we set up in the context of a reception before a Francophone play. We sit down Hélène, another friendly Hélène as well as Sylvie, who give us strong testimonies in French. The show begins, the people start flowing into the theatre, and another wrap for the team.