Day 1 - We are on the road: destination Fredericton, New Brunswick.

I can’t believe it, after 3 years in the making, we are finally hitting the road for the pan-Canadian tour. The alarm goes off, it is 5 o’clock in the morning. The RV is parked in the driveway at Peter’s house in Kanata (Ottawa). Peter’s cat is following us, trying to ask: where are you going without me? No room for pets in the RV, just four of us: the Red Couch Dream Team: Peter, Daniel, Christian and myself. Three guys and I, the captain .:) The crew is ready, let’s go.

We are taking off towards the first destination point: the city of Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick.

The RV comfortably accommodates 4 persons, the couch is pulled on a little trailor behind it. That makes our RV even longer….this required good driving skills. The RV seems very wobbly, it shakes and vibrates from side to side… I have a feeling of being on the boat or on a train, just like in my old days in Poland. And it is quite noisy. Every object shifts with a little bump or a curve.

We spin along the trans-Canada highway. Passing cars honk occasionally giving us a cheers. We need it. It is a beautiful day, the drama unveils in the New Brunswick sky.

After twelve hours of drive we finally arrive in the Province of New Brunswick, our first stop is the Tourist Information Center. “Are you the Red Couch people? ” asks Dorothy from the Tourist Center.

There were people asking about you…wow, what a nice surprise. “we want a picture with the couch too!” All the staff walks out with us, the sound of camera click cuts the air, one two, three, done. The twitter account goes in action hashtag #explorenb. Our first tweet from the road. Dorothy, Lise and Pascal give us a warm hug for good-bye. Feels good. Back on the road to Fredericton.

Eight in the evening, destination point reached, 1000km behind us. Pork chops Polish style pork chops Peter’s style for dinner. Time to go to bed. Good night, sleep well. Day number one seems like a dream.